Starting a blog + new year’s resolution

Hi! My name is Eduard Neculaesi but friends call me Eddie and I suggest you do too whenever you want to ask me a question or just talk to me. I’m a 20 years old student with a job at a web development company and like many students my age I’m trying to grow up and do something about my life.

Like, again, every student my age there are some problems that stop us from doing awesome and amazing things. There’s the bed, the computer, a new TV Show, 9GAG, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and others who try to ruin our lives and won’t let us be freaking awesome!

I started many personal projects that never got completed because of my laziness and lack of focus. I usually start something, get excited about it, I start working on it and at a certain point I give up because I either find something else to do or I simply get bored.

After a year of trying to change my life and failing I decided I should pick up blogging as a way to inspect and motivate myself. Whenever I don’t have interesting stuff to write about it means my life’s reached it’s boring state again and, I hope, this blog will motivate me to get my ass off the chair and change my life for the better.

My New Year’s Resolution is made up of three simple tasks:

  1. Start living a healthier life by going to the gym and changing my eating habits.
  2. Start contributing to the open source community. For this year I’m planing to start work on Mozilla, specifically the Fennec project (Firefox for Android)
  3. Pick a project of mine and work on it the whole year to make something out of it.

As a plus I want to go out more and see more of this amazing world!

If you have tips for me please let me know in the comments below or send me an email at and maybe we can talk :)

Thanks for reading this and I’ll make sure you’ll be reading more from me this year!